TRANSLATE-IT: Marketing Memory Translator


TRANSLATE-IT: How to memorise translation of your marketing messages for later (web & print)

TRANSLATE-IT is a marketing memory tool  which database gets enriched by your traditional human translators and rationalize the localization processes.  (translation and adaptation) of your brand content.

The way the memory translator operates is to automatically store in a common data base all the localized versions of your brand content (product sheets, newsletters, sales promotions, web sites, catalogue, etc.) in order to present automatically “pre formatted” translations for the human translators to choose and select the appropriate one.

This will leverage:

  • Quality and homogeneity of translation
  • Reduction of translation costs (-40%)
  • Shorten steps for localization each season (divided by 2 or 3)


Memory Translation in 3-steps


Step 1: Translate the product sheets and/or web pages

The text which need to be translated are automatically decomposed in « logical segments » which are then translated manually by your regular human translators through a simple and intuitive WYSWYG interface. The translated segments are then automatically recomposed into messages in order to be in correspondence with the local language and the original text.


Step 2: To store all the memorized digital content into a common data base. 

This step is done automatically and doesn’t require manual intervention.


Step 3: Activate the memory translation to pre-translate new product sheets or web pages.

Memorized translations are then presented automatically to the human translator in a pre-translated format so that he can validate or amend them. The new product sheet will then be automatically recomposed.


The complete cycle of how to use the memory translation can be summarized in 3 steps which are automatically managed by the platform, no matter how large the volume of content is or how many simultaneous different languages there are.