RESIZE-IT: Dynamic Graphic Chart


RESIZE-IT: to help make more dynamic a graphic chart for a campaign

In order to be sharp in terms of Communication requirements at the Points of Sales (POS), you need to think over the logic of a merchandising chart. The graphic chart will determine all the different responses the brand can carry in its visual communication in their points of sales. For this the brand needs to anticipate the needs according to different environment.

Let’s look at a case study: the international launch of  ELIE SAAB perfume deployed by  Beauté Prestige International. The world wide campaign had to adapt to different local contexts.


Merchandising environment for the ELIE SAAB campaign


In order to comply to all these different formats while respecting the graphic guidelines of the brand, marketing team would have to think in advance of all the different formats and provide them to their local offices before the campaign.


Merchandising formats required for the ELIE SAAB campaign

Séquences de la charte dynamique Elie Saab

The concept of dynamic chart trade marked by  NETWORTH is to separate the campaign into different communication sequences in order to deduce different charts for the brand.

With RESIZE-IT, NETWORH can create automatically a graphic chart starting from a few sequential formats. This is how the dynamic chart has been invented.

Technically generating this dynamic chart relies on an algorithm which can give the appropriate format by generating an unlimited number of successive sequential formats which constitutes a continuous answerwith full respect of the communication guidelines of the brand.The final result will be submitted stream of video to the marketing team for validation. Each chart can be defined by chanel and local branch.