Networth en brefNETWORTH offers to brands and distributors a set of collaborative marketing tools to better manage deployment of their multi-channel campaign worldwide.

How networth can help their customers:

  • Support the development of their brands internationally
  • Assist in managing multi local marketing strategies
    • Adaptation to the specific needs of local markets
    • Compliance with codes of brand communication
    • Standardization of processes to increase the competitiveness of the organization

We cover daily 120 countries and manage marketing content in 35 languages ​​. Our offer is available as a subscription to a service (SaaS). Our technology allows us to set up a comprehensive international environment in two months.

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NETWORTH team brings together a combination of complementary expertise:

  • Operational marketing
  • Change Management Services
  • Multimedia expertise
  • IT development
  • Hot line and management of local teams

NETWORTH team acts within an organisation that is customer oriented, favouring communication and flexibility

Consulting and analysis

  • The Project Manager is in charge of all the tasks required for cutomizing the application and ensuring the appropriation by the user. Usually this is performed by a senior consultant who will analyze the current processes in your organisation and translates it into a set of functions performed on the platform.
  • The Technical Architect is responsible for the right technical architecture of the solution. He works closely with the Project manager in order to implement the best customized solution.


Software Development

Networth has a strong team of R & D developers who  ensures the platform to be maintained in cutting-edge technology and consistent enhancements in order to adapt to enterprises changing challenges.

The Development team is in charge of all customization works, adaptation and testing of the solution . He reports to the Technical Architect  and is part of all the phases for compiling detailed specifications

Coaching our customer

Since the platform’s efficiency would increase if it is maintained regularly, Networth has a department of Professional services in order to customize the platform according to your organization’s needs. The platform can be either hosted in your organization or in our servers and we have training sessions in order to transfer skills to your organization for better use of the platform.

Since a platform would loose its efficiency if not maintained, Networth has compeleted its software suite with personnalized services for our customers.

Whether your company needs to host or not the servers, we can provide you with a dedicated team to your project.

 Training and Coaching

As a result of many years of expertise in the field of marketing and communication Networth has defined a proven methodology for change management projects within an organization.

Customer support and worldwide coordination

Usually the marketing team at headquarters has limited resources to provide customer support for different local subsidiaries and even when he does, he most of the times cannot satisfy requests at peak times. In those instances, the Professional Services team has a special department “Customer support” where agents are bilingual and can help the customers on a one-time basis or permanently.

Networth’s “Customer Support” team will bring to you expertise from international individuals who have extensive experience of thecollaborativeplatform across countries.

A  phone Hot Line(eventually associated with a web conference) can be set up in order to address questions arising either from the headquarters or local offices on how to use the platform.

This hot line is bilingual (English / French) and is accessible daily from 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM and 2:00 – 6:00 PM GMT +1, with the possibility to extent these hours.


Indexation and webmastering

Our Professional Services team can help you in these lengthy processes of indexation of your media bank, put them on line, administer your platforms (users, workflows) , adapt your visuals to different resolution levels, control the quality of your digital assets.

Hosting and maintainance

A platform which can manage all the marketing campaign materials need to have a lot of storage memory in order to host all the marketing visuals in a variety of formats. There is a need of hundreds of gigabytes of data that are manipulated daily.

In order to leverage your intranet and your internal network resources, Networth can be used in a SaaS model. By doing so, you don’t have the hassle of managing your own infrastructure and can benefit from a 24h technical assistance, all year around in a proven secure and reliable environment. 

  • Set up fees : starting from  10 K€
    Preparation of the collaborative environment : depending on the organization, analysis and setting up the workflow, users profile, marketing content.
  • Subscription : staring 250 € / month
    Usage of the platform including software licences, hosting, maintainance and technical support.
  • Variable costs : cost of services used

In general, experience has shown that ROI can be achieved starting from the first.

BPI’s Networth Platform:

  1. Configuration of an online ordering module covering all types of order forms used by the company
  2. Management and carrying out of advertising campaign production with the help of configurable dashboards.

BPI (Shiseido Group) develops and distributes Jean Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake, Narciso Rodriguez and Elie Saab fragrances.
BPI operates in over 85 countries, in the form of subsidiaries or agents worldwide.

Business challenges:

  • Adding value to visual resources by guaranteeing compliance in the local markets with graphic guidelines set out by designers
  • Improving efficiency of communication between head offices, markets and producers
  • Reducing production costs
  • Maintaining image processing quality via a network of pre-defined producers


  • Number of users: 106
  • Accessible marketing documents: press ads, all POS materials, billboards
  • Number of languages handled: 3
  • Number of points of sale monitored: 1,660
  • Reduction of time to market: more than half


Coty Beauty develops and distributes the fragrances AdidasBeyoncé, Celine Dion, Chloé, David Beckham, Halle Berry, Lady Gaga, Guess, Kate Moss, Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, Play Boy.

Implementation of a merchandising portal BrandPlace to be used by local producers of Coty Beauty POS during international marketing campaigns launch in order to strengthen their sales and distribution strategy on a world wide level.

Business challenges

  • To comply to graphic guidelines on a world wide level
  • To automate remote resizing of images
  • To make on demand services available for printing houses


  • Number of countries covered: 19
  • Number of users: 200
  • Compliance to the brand’s communication guidelines
  • Cost reduction for implementing POS materials


Networth’s solution:

  1. Making campaign projects available via a media bank
  2. Remote adaptation of web campaigns, management of their translation, validation, automatic publication of validated projects with dynamic links  to the sites concerned, traceability of projects and statistical reports.

One example among many others is the implementation of a promotional offer on the web or on an e-commerce website. These pages which have a limited shelf life must no longer appear on the site once the offer is no longer valid. And on the opposite, it’s vital to emphasise them properly throughout the length of the project with a suitable media plan. A content management solution makes it possible to achieve this goal.

Business challenges:

  • Centralizing communication tools (sales transactions, sales materials, etc.)
  • Adapting web pages and newsletters locally: HTML and Flash.
  • Monitoring the production of web campaigns on a head office and country level.


  • Number of users: 30
  • Number of accessible marketing documents: more than 200 campaigns a year
  • Number of languages handled: 6
  • Reduction of time to market: half


Networth’s solution:

  1. Provision of marketing tools via a media bank
  2. Remote adaptation of marketing materials, management of their translation, order processing, traceability of orders and statistical reports.

Lexmark designs and manufactures IT peripherals (printers) and consumables.
Worldwide manufacturer, US$ 3.9 billion turnover, 4th biggest in the world and 13,000 employees. The distinctive feature of this client is to produce a large number of marketing operations each year in a large number of markets throughout the world.
Each marketing operation generates a large number of documents, concerning products of a highly specific technological nature, requiring precise and numerous documentation.

Business challenges:

  • Improving the reactivity of the marketing operation in each geographical zone
  • Improving experience pooling and sources of comparison between markets
  • Controlling budgets, reducing time to market
  • Guaranteeing compliance with graphic guidelines
  • While using standard industry tools (InDesign, Xpress)
  • Visibility of the status of all documents in real time


  • Number of users: 1,041
  • Number of accessible marketing documents: 11,095
  • Number of languages handled: 69
  • Translation cost savings: 45%
  • Reduction of time to market: divided by 3


Networth’s solution:

  1. Set-up of a media library covering all marketing needs including those specific to points of sale
  2. Configuration of a Press and Travel Retail online ordering module connected to a magazine specification database
  3. Management and carrying out of campaign production with the help of configurable dashboards. Order archiving linked to a search engine

YSL develops and distributes product lines (Fragrance, Make-up and Skincare) under the brands YSL Beauté, Boucheron, Ermenegildo Zegna, Oscar de la Renta and Stella McCartney. YSL operates in 152 countries, with more than a dozen subsidiaries and divisions worldwide.
Business challenges:

  • Adding value to the visual resources in the local markets by guaranteeing observance of graphic guidelines
  • Improving efficiency of the management of orders processed by head offices on behalf of local markets
  • Reducing production times
  • Maintaining image processing quality via a network of pre-defined producers
  • Efficiently process press and travel retail orders


  • Number of users: 180
  • Number of accessible marketing documents: 2,700
  • Number of languages handled: 2
  • Reduction of time to market: halved for press ads

 We selected them for the quality and reliability of their solutions, the strength of their references, their synergy with our integrated offer, and the quality of their teams. Our partners share our values and our vision, actively contributing to the development of complete solutions that we can make available to you.

We are therefore proud to present, in alphabetical order below, our main partners.


Avista systems

 Marketing adaptation, local adaptation, localization

For a successful deployment of marketing campaign, marketing teams very often needs to adapt / customize the corporate speech to local targeted population. In the case of an international deployment, such an adaptation requires to take into account cultural characteristics, regulation, competition and languages; all these actions define the process for localization.
(Source Networth)

Marketing assets, marketing materials, Marketing Asset Management (MAM), POS
Assets or marketing assets include all digital media of a brand:  pictures, logos, graphics and illustrations, animations, videos and music, and by extension any materials meant for sales and marketing purposes. (print and web) .
In real life,  these assets are collected and stored in digital format. There is usually an original (or master) which is high definition and is the benchmark of quality. The various formats serving diverse marketing channels (TV, print, POS, web, mobile, etc.) are the true marketing digital heritage, in full respect of the creative convergence imposed by the brand.
Marketing Asset Management (MAM) is based on a software suite dedicated to manage, control, monitor and distribute brand assets, marketing materials, sales tools and creative materials. POS (Publicity on point of sales) is one of the marketing asset.
(Source Networth)

Creative convergence, creative identity, graphic guidelines.
Those terms refer at different levels to efforts made by a brand to develop value and innovative communication tools in order to beat the competition.
The graphical identity provides instantaneous recognition to a brand, a project or a company. Such a graphical identity is also required in web sites.
Graphic guidelines or graphic standards is a work document which holds the basic rules and principles for using the library of visuals which build the graphic identity of a project, a brand or a company. The objective of such a document is to give graphic coherence to the different versions across the media formats.
(Source Networth)

Extended organization, ecosystem
For over two centuries, the role model of an organization is the one which integrates all the processes within the company (design, production, distribution, etc.) . For the past few years, there is a shift of the enterprise paradigm from a vertical model into externalized of functions which don’t belong to the core business of the company.
Extended enterprise can be defined as a set of enterprises working for the same customers under the leadership of one unique strategic head whose duty is to keep a coherent whole. Such an enterprise is called the “leader”.

The notion of business ecosystem is a concept born from a strategic analysis of enterprises. Getting his inspiration from the notion of ecological ecosystem defined by Tansley in 1935  as “ a system of interactions between population of different living species in the same site and also  between those populations and the  physical environment”, James Moore will work on such a concept in the middle of the ‘90s. Business ecosystem can therefore explain the multiple connexions/links  an enterprise can maintain between different partners, building a community of common strategic destiny.
(Source wikipedia)

Networth Platform, collaborative solution suite, collaborative platform
New services on internet can maximise creativity and efficiency for a group of people working on the same project even if they are not in the same time zone or geographical region.
A collaborative platform is a set of virtual tools made available through the web and are being used from different locations in order to achieve a project or complete a campaign.
When those tools are applied to operational marketing, these concepts have very down to earth applications especially when applied to a multi channel marketing strategy.
In a seamless way 24h a day and 7 days a week, such a powerful collaborative marketing software suite provides efficient and operational assistance in an international environment, in order to guarantee coherence and respect of the graphic guidelines in every single channel.
(Source Networth)

Media bank, crossmedia bank
Managing digital resources encompasses feeding, annotating, filing, storing and searching for the digital data such as fixed digital images (illustrations, photos, etc.) or animated images (video, animations, etc.), recordings (music, speeches, etc.) and other multimedia documents.
The media bank refers to the technical module which hosts the digital data and is accessible via a secured web interface.
(Source Networth)

Formatting, Technical standards (magazine, press)
For each paper advertisement for the press (magazine, newspaper), you need to create a new format adapted to the technical requirements of the magazine or the newspaper. These data are stored in technical files which are available to the agencies or their announcers.
Formatting describes the step for adpating the right format to the right material. This step is automated by Networth software.
(Source Networth)

Hosting, saving, maintenance
Hosting refers to a service for renting some space in a server to host a web site.
Such a service normally guarantees saving and archiving your data on a daily basis and regular maintainance in order to provide a non stop 24h service around the year.
Networth is a Software as a service (Saas) who proposes such a hosting facility in order to leverage company resources (technical and labor related) with guarantee for quality.
(Source Networth)

Processes, operational marketing processes, workflow
A process encompasses a set of activities organized along the time and reaches a defined and measurable goal.
Processes give a global business-oriented vision instead of a vertical vision which is more linked to a function. A global vision is the customer’s vision.

Workflow designates a flow of work / operations to implement in order to achieve a set of tasks or activities belonging to a same process. A workflow management tool can model and automate information streams of an enterprise. For example, a workflow tool can track a document by identifying the different project team players, the actions to be undertaken and the deadlines to respect.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SAP
Designates an application which integrates the main functional components of an enterprise : production, sales, marketing, logistics, Human Resources, accounting, controlling, payroll.
In such an unified platform, users from different departments of the organization can work in a same and unique environment and tap into the same single data base in order to avoid redundancy and can optimize processing time.
SAP, a german company, is the world leader for ERP.
(Source wikipedia)

Return on investment (ROI)
It is a measure of economic performance which can evaluate the efficiency of an investment or compare this investment with others.
The result can be a percentage:
ROI=(Gain generated by the investment-Investment cost)/(Investment cost)
(Source Networth)

Time to Market (TTM)
An anglo-saxon expression to designate the time needed to go from the design, development of a project or product until the market launch.
With a reduced life cycle for products nowadays, it is a strategic rzquirement for a brand or a company to come to market as fast as possible in order to improve his profit margin and beat the competition.

Video streaming
Video streaming refers to thepossibility to view a portion of video directly from the web site without downloading the entire file to your local hard disk.
(Source wikipedia)