ORDER-IT: Marketing Asset Production Management


ORDER-IT: How to manage marketing asset production

From each image on the wall of images, ORDER IT can access a library of order forms. Different administrative rights can be given to different levels in the organization, depending on your role, your localization (country/languages) and your authorizations. It empowers every local marketing manager to work on his own.

There are different formats of order forms which correspond to different marketing channels : web site, TV, display, press, magazine, POS. The service providers/producers of those marketing asset can be managed seamlessly by the headquarters or local offices.



The basic principle of ORDER-IT is to manage the workflow of an order through a collaborative platform by all the people involved in the process when needed.


Example of a an order of Press announcement.

Let’s look at an example for ordering a Press Magazine announcement

  1. Select the magazine from a proposed list of magazines which can be filtered by country
  2. Automatic display of technical formats of the magazine, updated for the order date.
  3. Instant display of framing asked by visual chart selected4. Fill up the information on publication date, select the service provider in charge of the technical format, choose the mode of delivery.


4.Fill in the parution date, select the supplier in charge of setting tehnical standards, chose the transmission mode



Therefore, anyone with a limited knowledge on the platform can use the platform and place an order while still complying with the strict graphic guidelines of the brand and deliver the right information to the producer .