LA REDOUTE INTERNATIONAL handles the distribution of RedCats group’s brands into several European countries among which Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and Russia.


Client testimonial: Nadège LALLEMENT (Webpublishing Manager for Europe)


90 commercial animations per season / twice per year


  • ADAPT-IT module launch in 2010
  • In-house design by our graphic studio
  • In-house HTML integration
  • In-house or outsourced translations
  • Unautomatised translations adaptations externalised


–> 100% of intern coordination


200 Newsletters per season / twice per year


  • ADAPT-IT launch in 2011
  • Intern realisation for design (graphic studio)
  • Intern HTML integration (1 web developper)
  • Intern or extern translations
  • In-house adaptations of translations
  • Complete autonomy of subsidiaries in sending newsletters


–> Management of country specificities


11000 web product sheets per season / 2 times per year


  • TRANSLATE-IT launch in 2012
  • About 11000 web product sheets per season
  • About 40 product sheets/day
  • Development of a Mediabank flow/ Redoute Web publication tool
  • In-house or outsourced translations


–> Automatized translations of text segments


Observed organizational impacts


1/ Flexibility and reactivity

  • Increased flexibility in internal ressource-management
  • Increased business responsiveness: reinforcing operations, web updates
  • Easier monitoring process on the subsidiaries and seat sides
  • More time for handling core-business related projects

2/ Web product sheets translations

11000 web product sheets/season/country = 730 hours/translations

  • Automatic translations memorized and ready for re-use
  • More fluid business processes

Challenge : managing to put more product online, faster, at the right time and place

Aim : reduce the Time to Market by 50%