ADAPT-IT: Marketing Content Localisation


ADAPT-IT: To speed up translation and adaptation of marketing content.

Local marketers need to master as fast as possible all the marketing materials available to him in order to localize them, meaning translate and adapt them to the cultural and social codes locally.

At the same time, the brand needs to control the global coherence of these multiple localisations in order to guarantee the integrity of all communication codes.

For this purpose, ADAPT-IT allows the local markets to translate and adapt all the multi channel marketing content from original files coming from agencies  through a  common user interface. (web & Print).

This interface allows any person without technical knowledge to translate remotely newsletters, commercial operations, data sheets, advertisements or merchandising visuals. It can be done intuitively in WYSIWYG mode (what you see is what you get). Files can be either
HTML, Flash or INDD.

When translation is done, it is possible on the same interface to,adapt locally all the messages from the brand after a validation process if needed.



Once they are translated and adapted, all the different localized content can be sent automatically through your digital tools of e-mailing  from WCMS(web content management system) or through your flow for paper catalog or e-catalog in order to speed up the steps of pre deployment.

In summary, ADAPT-IT relies on a simplified process organized into 3 logical steps

The objective is to empower local marketing managers to act according to their priorities 24/7 without being too dependent on headquarters. Time to market can be reduced to 2 to 3. At the same token, cost reduction of third party service providers can jump to 40%.

With ADAPT-IT, the brand has a powerful tool to have their marketing team across the world to respect the graphic guidelines and communication codes of the brand since all the files are originating from their agencies and can only be modified according to the strict rules assigned by the marketing team at headquarters.