Let’s meet at the IAB Forum VAD n Milano, from December 3 to 4.
We will be there to present all our new features to help e Merchants develop their international business and answer your questions.

Internationalization of e Commerce has become a strategic challenge
From now on to 2015, 20% of consumers will be buying on-line in another European countries. 80 % of e Commerce sites will be developing their sales internationally (FEVAD).

Major cost for international development is localization and translation of web content and newsletters.
NETWORTH proposed two complementary modules : ADAPT-IT (interface for localization) and STORE-IT (Memory Translation).

Come and discover all the benefits and features of these modules and see how they can be easily integrated in your technical ecosystem.

Let’s meet on December 3 to 4 2013 at IAB Forum, stand E3BIS, and discover our solutions.
Location : MiCo – Milano Congressi, via Gattamelata 5.


Let’s meet at the Forum VAD n Lille, from October 22 to 24.
We will be there to present all our new features to help e Merchants develop their international business and answer your questions.
We will present our offering at the conference  on Wednesday October 23, from 9 :30 to 10 :15 : « How to manage an international business development with a memory translator »
– Internationalization of e Commerce has become a strategic challenge. From now on to 2015, 20% of consumers will be buying on-line in another European countries. 80 % of e Commerce sites will be developing their sales internationally (FEVAD).
– Major cost for international development is localization and translation of web content and newsletters.
– NETWORTH proposed two complementary modules : ADAPT-IT (interface for localization) and STORE-IT (Memory Translation).

Come and discover all the benefits and features of these modules and see how they can be easily integrated in your technical ecosystem.

If you are at VAD, come and visit our booth E3BIS.

On 22, 23 and 24 October 2013, we will be at Vad conext (http://www.vadconext.comat Lille, the eCommerce Forum where Networth will host a conference on Marketing memory translation : « International E-Commerce : how to adapt and localize your web site in a simple, fast and cost saving way with your own memory translator? »

Networth powerful Memory Translator can help eMerchants to quickly develop opportunities internationally : it saves and stores all translated marketing content from your sales and marketing campaigns.

Time savings, fast and reliable translation, controlled by a simple and optimized workflow : Networth Memory Translator empower you to accelerate the launch of your marketing campaign. (newsletter, product sheet, …) internationally while reducing your translation budgets.
La Redoute International who has been using this tool for several years has divided by 3 the time to market of their international marketing operations in 8 countries, and reducing by half their translation budget.

If you cannot come to Lille, please contact us : We can provide you with a demo.

Yesterday, brands decide when and how they will communicate with their consumers but nowadays with emergence of social media, everything has changed: consumers can talk to each other about the brand bypassing their control.

For the brands, the challenge is now : How to be invited to participate in their consumers conversations? Therefore, it requires revamping their original brand strategy: it requires from the brand to show more empathy to their customers and force them to listen rather than being intrusive.

This new strategy requires a deep change within their organizations : Breaking up the silos of their departments, collaborative management of their projects, sharing marketing assets across departments, localization of their content, global vision of their communication strategy.

Many very challenging issues who force all the marketing professionals to be in the same shoes as their consumers in order to better communicate with them across all available channels.

Do you know the module EDIT-IT ? With EDIT-IT, Networth allows you to work in a collaborative manner on your marketing projects (product presentations, newsletters, etc…) in a unique workspace where you can find all necessary tools and resources available. No details would be lost, and your teams know exactly at which stage of the project you are at.  EDIT-IT is user friendly and allows  you to work in any PDF file.


bandeau resize it newsletter

For decades, brands are used to create within strict graphic guidelines different types of advertisement visual in order to deploy under different physical formats: Print, outdoor & indoor display, merchandising, etc.

With internet, new advertisement formats have emerged and with the explosion of mobile usage, and increasing number of screen displays the phenomenon is getting worse under the influence of Responsive Design requirements.

Therefore each brand is challenged by their ability to carry an unique quality brand image across all those diverse channels.

With the unvaluable experience Networth has acquired with its lifetime customers in the cosmetics business, one of its module, RESIZE-IT can provide a global response and solution to this new requirement from brands.

Whether the format is physical (mm) or digital (pixel), RESIZE-IT can generate automatically the right visual according to the graphic guidelines and right technical  format. (digital or print).

For the time being  RESIZE-IT is certainly THE most performing solution.

To visualize some examples, please click on the visuals underneath:

guess zidane play boy

One of the recent Win by  RESIZE-IT is with  COTY Beauty and its new international launchesfor new lines of perfumes  GUESS Belle et KATY PERRY Killer Queen.

To know more about  RESIZE-IT, contact us NOW !  >>

bandeau cloud marketing

ON LINE MOBILE show IS the place to be for all players in the ecosystem of web and mobile New Technologies. Any major players of eCommerce, digital marketing, e-Advertisement, rich media, e Business, social media, web and mobile applications development, mCRM, will not miss this unique gathering for continuous innovation.

For its first attendance, Networth will unveil its digital solutions helping brands and distributors to deploy internationally and will reveal its new releases.

Networth offering have been redesigned for mobile internet and cloud computing, which has been selected as part of the 12 disruptive technologies by Mc Kinsey (Disruptive Technologies : Advances that will transform life, business and the global economy).

On June 12 and 13,  Networth presence will focus on :

1.     Marketing Asset Management

International brands are facing real marketing challenges when they create and distribute marketing contents. They need to deal with global and local content.

Networth expertise is focused in solving those issues and can be summarized in their slogan: « improving multilocal marketing ».

2.     Responsive marketing

Due to the increasing number of screen formats (TV, web, mobile), brands are forced to rethink their strategy in terms of distributing their digital content. A basic requirement for the brand is to be able to respond instantaneously to their customers in a personalized way but still keeping the brand image.

To that effect, Networth offers innovative solutions for managing digital contents.

3.     Geolocalized content

Geolocalization of marketing content is  a major challenge for internet mobile. Besides the localization factor, the language component becomes essential and can be treated in two-fold.

Firstly, there is a need to geographically deploy in emerging countries. Secondly, there is a need to adapt and translate local content in different languages in order to better serve international customers visiting their territories.

Networth proposes a simple and powerful solution.

4.     Multichannel analytics

Multiplication of marketing channels and different response times to specific actions (internet, POS, media require consolidating and merging heterogeneous and different tyoes of data.

Networth provides a powerful tool to display statistics.

Come and meet with us on June 12 and 13, at  Paris Porte de Versailles hall 5/1 – Stand C4

badeau adapt it EN

In order to face the increasing demand for digital marketing content, and the large range of displays (web & mobile), Networth has redesigned the user interface of its localization module ADAPT-IT.

This productivity tool has been helping for the past several years, translators and local marketers in adapting marketing assets of international brands: newsletters, product sheets, web site pages or mobile.

In order to improve the quality of the translation, Networth has decided to make available to the translators an engine which enables real-time preview of localized marketing content. Combination of an integrated memory translator and workflow manager makes it a powerful and unique tool.

In order to better improve users experience, Networth  relies on solid translation capabilities and puts its development effort into a responsive design of the application.


Networth will present starting June 15,  2013 the new version of ADAPT-IT. It will feature three major changes:

  • A more simplified reallocation of the workspace

It will evolve around 3 zones:

  • A  top level area with permanent information (Project title, language)
  • A central area for translation : the workspace of the translator
  • A lower level area centralizing all the functions for managing the project


  • An adaptive user interface

In order to take into account all the different digital formats and evolution of screens towards XL and XXL, the new version of ADAPT-IT automatically optimizes the allocation of workspace depending on the area allocated by the browser, as well as the format of the marketing document (horizontal or vertical)


  • A simplification of tasks

The new interface can cut down to 30% less the number of interventions needed to localized a marketing document.

The best way to measure all the progress made by the new version of ADAPT-IT is to come and play with it. Whether you are a translation agency, eCommunication agency or a web merchant, the module ADAPT-IT is for you!

Its new interface will save your precious time!


For more information, please contact us now:

Bandeau Analytics V2 newsletter

Networth has been helping brands to deploy their international marketing campaign for the past several years. In order to manage efficiently the increasing number of different distribution channels (media, rich media, web and mobile) and an increasing large international coverage (120 countries), Networth has developed a module for aggregating marketing statistics and displaying analysis of the data through an user-friendly dashboard.

Today, Networth is hosting for his customers an important database with data about their marketing investment made in different distribution channels. Thanks to this repository of continuously updated data, Networth can provide to his customers powerful tools for managing their budgets, tracking their investment and compare their campaign performances.

For completing successfully this application Networth has focused mainly in user’s experience.

  • Filtered and secure access

Access to the statistics module is available only to identified users for obvious security and data protection reasons. This will also allow the headquarters to filter different level of administrative rights.

  • Web and Mobile access

Since all the information need to be made available for different departments (General Management, Sales, Marketing, Finances) but also to sales team on the road, and since they are critical for decision making, negotiation or communication, they need to be available in any device (smartphone, tablets, etc.). It has been decided that it should be a “Web App” in order to be available independently from the device or consultation mode.

  • Responsive design

For better use of the application, it has all the characteristics of responsive design: adaptable and resizeable according to the device and navigation style

  • Personalized monthly dashboards

The application displays a full set of monthly updated dynamic graphics and charts. You can then establish comparison charts from one year to the other. Users profiles would allow to personalize dashboards according to the level of management and geographical regions.

  • A powerful statistical analysis tool

Dashboard is useful but not always sufficient to analyze a specific situation. Therefore Networth module has embedded powerful multi-criteria analysis tool to help managers make the appropriate decision after completing a thorough analysis.


For more information, please contact :

badeau ecommerce EN

E-Commerce Forum in Milan IS THE place to be in 2013 for the world of digital content and e Commerce in Italy. Networth cannot miss this important event to launch its operations and present its innovative marketing solutions to all the actors in E-Commerce.

On May 28, Networth team is here to present to you three of their solutions to help E-Commerce pure players to manage efficiently and deploy their brands through international campaigns.

1.     Memory Translator

Through its memory translator, Networth is a powerful software which can store all the meanings and sentences used in different marketing content when materials get translated or modified to be reused in next campaigns or new sales promotions.It is certainly the best way to ensure fast and consistent translations – by bypassing repetitiveness, complexity and timeline.

The case study of La Redoute International who is using for the past two years Networth memory translator for its export markets, including Italy, is the best show case. This major actor of eCommerce merchant can in this case divide by 3 the time for launching its marketing operations in 8 countries while reducing by half its translation budget.

2.     Localization of newsletters and product sheets

Networth provides a simple but powerful solution to adapt culturally and translate digital content into HTML or Flash formats which can then be deployed internationally as Ad banners, animations, sales promotions or newsletters.

It is an essential link to the communication and marketing of international brands and companies but which is unfortunately often left behind in international organizations. This is the reason why Networth wants to fill the gap and need by improving the processes of local adaptation and translation, validation, using intuitive and user friendly tools which can be interconnected into the company’s information systems. (products base, prices, etc.)

3.     Marketing signature for all transactional emails

The number of transactional emails related to an order cycle from web merchants is constantly increasing. Those messages are definitely relevant and expected by customers which ends up with many more email opeing than the average. However their potential is not completely exploited. This is why Networth proposes an interactive multichannel signature in order to enrich the marketing content.

This innovative process provides customers with personnalized services based on the current order, purchase history and behavioral and predictive data of the user. Such a practice contributes to engage more with the customer and develop additional sales or cross sales. The interactive signature developed by Networth can track the status of the messages (sending failed, in process, done) and the performance (opening, clics, reactivity). Your transactional emails can then become a more credible and efficient to the consumer, just as the example of OfficeEasy can testify.


Let’s meet on May 28 2013 at Forum, stand C4, and discover our solutions.

Location : MiCo – Milano Congressi, via Gattamelata 5. Gate 14.

bandeau mémoire

Such a « Memory Translator » has been developed by Networth to store and reuse automatically any terms and sentences used in different marketing content in the course of being translated or modified. This is an efficient way to have a quick and relevant translation – ignoring repetitiveness, complexity and short time frame – thanks to a very simple and optimized process which reduces flaws caused by automatic translation (Reverso, Google Translate, etc.).

“Memory Translator” compares automatically sentences and terms in all documents which have already been translated (newsletter, web display, product sheets, etc. in digital mode or print) in order to build a data base or “memory marketing” customized to the company’s usage and terminology. Such a data base becomes a referential frame work for the company and can be enriched daily and carries a strong value added marketing content.

With Networth  “Memory Translator “, you never have to translate a same sentence twice or any given term a second time. You don’t need to search the word spread around different documents. The software is smart enough to detect all memorized sentences or segments which have already been used and would present those sentences for “re-use”. The more there are translated terms, the richer the data base gets.

Usually, this productivity tool is kept by professional translators for their own use in order to optimize their task but Networth has decided to make it available to international brands/companies or their agencies for a reasonable subscription price.

Having this unvaluable tool will make international brands and companies save their translation time and money in an era where customers require more and more personalization from their favorite brands.

La Redoute International which has been using this technology for over two years can be a great testimonial: This main European eCommerce actor has divided by 3 the time for launching a sales operation or a newsletter in 8 countries and reduced by half its translation budget.

For any workflow of the creation and translation of your marketing content, its integration to different technical modules (such as targeting engine, recommendation robot, or mass mailing) Networth “Memory Translator” can be easily integrated in your technical environment and fit your existing processes.

Please contact us for more information.

Bandeau Eurocloud

Networth is participating to the 8th edition of the Trophies of Cloud Computing organized by EuroCloud France in the category of Best Offer of the Cloud.

The Marketing Asset Management Solution proposed by Networth to major brands and international distributors belongs to the new disruptive open innovation model of Paas (Platform as a service) unlike the traditional business model of software licensing.

Results and Awards will be disclosed on May 21, 2013 during the 8th edition of the Cloud Computing Congress.

EuroCloud France is a professional organization which is meant to be an accelerator of business, technological relationships and application integration in the ecosystem of Cloud Computing in France (SaaS, IaaS and PaaS). EuroCloud counts over one hundred companies and more than 800 professionals of the Cloud Computing in France.

Since 2009, EuroCloud France is part of the federation EuroCoud, the first independent non-profit organization to represent actors of the Cloud Computing in Europe. EuroCloud has local established Associations in 21 European countries.


French Coface is supporting Networth business plan in Italy through a contract Insurance-Business Development for a duration of 3 years. Half of the allocated budget is available starting the first year of operation in 2013.

The concentration in Milan of several well-known international  brands has convinced the Compagnie Française d’Assurance pour le Commerce Extérieur to support Networth business development in that area.

Such an active support from COFACE can reassure Networth that their aggressive business development strategy is the right one despite a difficult European economic environment.

Networth can therefore help Italian brands and distributors with collaboratibive marketing soutions to deploy and accelerate marketing multi channel campaigns starting from brick and mortatr Points of Sales to personalization of digital contents.

Communiqué Milan 1


Starting April 2013, Networth is launching its operations in Milan in order to respond to needs from the Italian market with similar characteristics of the French market such as:

  • International brand name representing quality and luxurious goods through the tag line “Made in Italy”
  • A more and more international coverage with increasing presence in emerging markets
  • Decision centers in Milan

Networth is expecting from this test period during the whole year of 2013 to confirm demand for a solution like Networth from international companies such as La Redoute, l’Oreal Produits de luxe, Beauté Prestige International (Shiseido subsidiary), Lexmark, Piaget, Veolia Environnement or Renault.

Networth has the most innovative collaborative marketing solutions for Brands and distributors in order to optimize deployment of their multichannel campaigns, starting from managing POS networks to localizing their digital content.

Main benefits in using Networth collaborative set of tools:

  • Better quality control for international deployment
  • Reduction of Time to Market up to 50%
  • Optimization of translation costs up to 40%

Networth is using resources from the International Chamber of Commerce of Milan to leverage its presence.

New contact details for Networth in Milan : NETWORTH ITALIA via Papa Leone XIII, 10 – MILANO

Contact :