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Beaute Prestige InternationalNetworth’s solution:

  1. Configuration of an online ordering module covering all types of order forms used by the company
  2. Management and carrying out of advertising campaign production with the help of configurable dashboards.

BPI (Shiseido Group) develops and distributes Jean Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake, Narciso Rodriguez and Elie Saab fragrances.
BPI operates in over 85 countries, in the form of subsidiaries or agents worldwide.

Business challenges:

  • Adding value to visual resources by guaranteeing compliance in the local markets with graphic guidelines set out by designers
  • Improving efficiency of communication between head offices, markets and producers
  • Reducing production costs
  • Maintaining image processing quality via a network of pre-defined producers


  • Number of users: 106
  • Accessible marketing documents: press ads, all POS materials, billboards
  • Number of languages handled: 3
  • Number of points of sale monitored: 1,660
  • Reduction of time to market: more than half

Coty BeautyImplementation of a merchandising portal BrandPlace to be used by local producers of Coty Beauty POS during international marketing campaigns launch in order to strengthen their sales and distribution strategy on a world wide level.

Business challenges

  • To comply to graphic guidelines on a world wide level
  • To automate remote resizing of images
  • To make on demand services available for printing houses


  • Number of countries covered : 19
  • Number of users : 200
  • Compliance to the brand’s communication guidelines
  • Cost reduction for implementing POS materials

La RedouteNetworth’s solution:

  1. Making campaign projects available via a media bank
  2. Remote adaptation of web campaigns, management of their translation, validation, automatic publication of validated projects with dynamic links  to the sites concerned, traceability of projects and statistical reports.

One example among many others is the implementation of a promotional offer on the web or on an e-commerce website. These pages which have a limited shelf life must no longer appear on the site once the offer is no longer valid. And on the opposite, it’s vital to emphasise them properly throughout the length of the project with a suitable media plan. A content management solution makes it possible to achieve this goal.

Business challenges:

  • Centralizing communication tools (sales transactions, sales materials, etc.)
  • Adapting web pages and newsletters locally: HTML and Flash.
  • Monitoring the production of web campaigns on a head office and country level.


  • Number of users: 30
  • Number of accessible marketing documents: more than 200 campaigns a year
  • Number of languages handled: 6
  • Reduction of time to market : half

LexmarkNetworth’s solution:

  1. Provision of marketing tools via a media bank
  2. Remote adaptation of marketing materials, management of their translation, order processing, traceability of orders and statistical reports.

Lexmark designs and manufactures IT peripherals (printers) and consumables.
Worldwide manufacturer, US$ 3.9 billion turnover, 4th biggest in the world and 13,000 employees. The distinctive feature of this client is to produce a large number of marketing operations each year in a large number of markets throughout the world.
Each marketing operation generates a large number of documents, concerning products of a highly specific technological nature, requiring precise and numerous documentation.

Business challenges:

  • Improving the reactivity of the marketing operation in each geographical zone
  • Improving experience pooling and sources of comparison between markets
  • Controlling budgets, reducing time to market
  • Guaranteeing compliance with graphic guidelines
  • While using standard industry tools (InDesign, Xpress)
  • Visibility of the status of all documents in real time


  • Number of users: 1,041
  • Number of accessible marketing documents: 11,095
  • Number of languages handled: 69
  • Translation cost savings: 45%
  • Reduction of time to market: divided by 3

Yves Saint-Laurent BeauteNetworth’s solution:

  1. Set-up of a media library covering all marketing needs including those specific to points of sale
  2. Configuration of a Press and Travel Retail online ordering module connected to a magazine specification database
  3. Management and carrying out of campaign production with the help of configurable dashboards. Order archiving linked to a search engine

YSL develops and distributes product lines (Fragrance, Make-up and Skincare) under the brands YSL Beauté, Boucheron, Ermenegildo Zegna, Oscar de la Renta and Stella McCartney. YSL operates in 152 countries, with more than a dozen subsidiaries and divisions worldwide.
Business challenges:

  • Adding value to the visual resources in the local markets by guaranteeing observance of graphic guidelines
  • Improving efficiency of the management of orders processed by head offices on behalf of local markets
  • Reducing production times
  • Maintaining image processing quality via a network of pre-defined producers
  • Efficiently process press and travel retail orders


  • Number of users: 180
  • Number of accessible marketing documents: 2,700
  • Number of languages handled: 2
  • Reduction of time to market: halved for press ads