Our Solutions

Marketing Asset ManagementToday marketing managers are challenged by daily international requirements:

  • To adapt international campaigns to all countries and languages.
  • To take into consideration increasing locations of design shops in different areas around the world.
  • To aggregate distributed content across different digital channels.

Marketing Asset Management enables decision maker to have a global view of company’s marketing assets.

Networth provides brands with solutions to ensure:

  • A better distant quality control
  • Savings in marketing production
  • Drastic improvement in Time to Market
  • A thorough analysis of their marketing actions in terms of ROI

This issue is even more important when fragmented digital channels require adequate marketing messages according to each device (smartphones and tablets).

Networth can provide a global solution of MARKETING ASSET MANAGEMENT.

Localization of digital contentNetworth makes it simpler to localize (adapt and translate) digital content HTML or Flash (ad banners, sales promotions, newsletters …) for international deployment.

Enhancing Customer Relationship requires to understand customers cultural needs. Networth provides a powerful tool to adapt simultaneously the cultural specifics and the translation of the message.
It is a required step which is often overlooked because it is difficult to optimize the process in an international environment.

This is why Networth can help you optimize the local adaptation and translation, and validation by :

  • Localizing still images (GIF, JPEG) ou animated (Flash) and dynamic elements (HTML, XML) in one single step,
  • Indexing and publishing automatically local contents in a geo localized media bank,
  • Managing translation workflows between headquarters,creative agencies and translators as well as local managers,
  • Connecting to other data repositories of the company (product databases, prices,  etc. ) in order to share information,
  • Monitor in real time the status of any project.

The main benefits would be :

  • Time reduction for localization (adaptation and translation),
  • Cost saving on translation,
  • Better graphic guidelines compliance in local offices.

To memorize marketing translationsThe Marketing Memory translator is not per say a module for automatic translation but rather a real Marketing memory which stores all translations made by real human translators. Translators usually re-use a kind of encyclopedia customized to specific industry or sector of the customer. They would enrich a common database which is of real value added to the customer.

An original text is automatically fragmented into units called « segments ». During a translation of the text in different localized versions, every segment source is linked to a local adaptation (language/country) which is stored in a data base.

Therefore during the following translation session, each segment of the new message will be automatically analyzed and compared to the pre-registered translated segments if they exist. The segments which will correspond 100% will be replaced in the new text by translations stored in the memory.

The translator who is in charge of the translation can check the proposed translation and decide to accept or modify it. He can go on the next job more quickly.

In addition to have a consistent quality translation across different documents, it turns out to be a real cost savings as well.

Dynamic chartresizingManaging a media campaign requires to take into account diverse output formats (Print, display, POS) or diverse screen sizes (web, mobile, outdoor).Networth can provide the right automated generated format according to graphic guidelines compliance on different format.

We can use your creative agencies image files in order to automate the resizing of the image.

Whether you are a creative studio or an advertiser, real time and cost savings will rapidly convince you to change your work habits.

Responsive MarketingIn order to benefit from mobile features, Networth allows brands to “link” information between different digital channels in order to benefit from value added “rebounce”.

Every day Brands would design with their creative agencies attractive related PR News (newsletter, events, etc.), to seduce (advertising video, making off, etc.), to inform (product sheet, price comparison, etc.), to demo (video demo, instructions, etc.). But unfortunately, those content would very often stay idle or are only used in a one-time marketing Push action for a promotion or campaign. This is costly and unproductive.

Networth enables brands around the world to “re use” or “rebounce” on those new environments of customers contact points offered by smartphones or tablets, such as QR code recognition, image or music, in order to develop a continuous stream of customers contact points for “responsive marketing”.

Multi channel AnalyticsThe rapid development of digital data contributes deeply to the phenomenon of Big Data: Analysis of statistics is a must for managers in order to make viable decisions.

Since marketing is not only digital, Networth has its methods and solutions to all aspects of the multi-channel marketing.

Thanks to dashboards customized to your activity, your distribution, your digital strategy, your global coverage, the organization of your brand, of your lines of products and services, it is easier to measure global performance of your department/company wide actions.

Data processing is done by powerful computers that process the detailed information contained in our databases to give you access to innovative and customized dashboards. Any manager, in charge of a brand, of a department or a sector, can access such dashboards from their smartphones or tablets.

Networth can provide you with such a decision making tool in order to help you to foresee your future actions, measure and correct the current ones, if necessary, or analyze the finished ones.