Your Marketing challenges

To deploy international campaignsToday in a complex and fast forwarding world, all collective initiatives require a collaborative way for compiling diverse skills and expertise spread around the world.

As a result of several years of R&D, Networth Platform presents a set of collaborative solutions available through a 24h web access interface. These applications will allow a better coordination between marketing teams based at the headquarters and those based in their subsidiaries, as well as their associated partners : distributors, agencies, service providers such as translators, printing houses, etc.
One main objective is to share contents and other marketing assets in order to « localize » and « adapt » them to local markets. Networth Platform allows you to:

  • Shorten time to market
  • Reinforce  brand’s creative identity
  • Control brand’s graphical image

It is the role of  Marketing Asset Management.


To share informationCorporate intranet and current marketing tools are not well suited to manage rapid deployment of international campaigns since it requires a specific MIS distributed globally which would enable connectivity with other IS of the company (ERP, CRM, Analytics…).

Aggregating efficiently all the information distributed in various databases is a basic requirement for producing accurate statistics on productivity and ROI of a marketing action, whereas it is multi-channel or omni-channel. Those tools need to be available in a centralized environment as well as localized one and they need to be shared across departments within a company.

This is the role of Multi-channel Analytics tools.

To localize digital contentIn terms of localization (adaptation and translation) of marketing contents, errors are costly, even more so when it is related to brands. Those defects are usually due to the lack of consistency in the validation process of localized adaptations.

In order to avoid those errors, the marketing department needs to optimize exchanges between the headquarters, the Design shops and operational subsidiaries as well as translators / partners.

This is the role of localization tools such as Memory of translation and Management of content localization workflows.

To reinforce creative identityIn the context of an international campaign deployment, brands usually provide graphic guidelines to their service providers, design studios, in order to maintain coherence of their action.

However, control and tracking of the creative part is complicated and time consuming because it requires lots of emailing back and forth and put delays on execution.

In order to prevent those delays, companies need to deploy tremendous efforts to mobilize every one to converge into maintaining quality control of the brand image.

This is the role of our tools such as Memory Translator and Dynamic chart generator.

To accelerate Time to MarketIt becomes easier to control the implementation of a targeted temporary campaign.

But when the number of campaigns increase and their deployment globally intensify, it becomes more and more complicated to control the process manually.

In order to simplify the process, collaborative marketing tools can be the answer for managing efficiently diversity in such a marketing ecosystem. Such a collaborative marketing tool will scale down overall costs and fine tune the processes. Dynamic interactive dash boards provide decision makers with a global view of the activities from the headquarter as well as from a local office.

When better controlled, the usual time allocated for translation, execution and validation campaigns is drastically reduced. Efficient optimization of all the marketing process will generally end up with time reduction of administrative tasks, better management and follow up of the exchanges.

This is the role of the productivity tools such as Memory translator, Workflow process localizer or dynamic chart generator.

To optimize budgetsIn order to better control the marketing budget, you need to industrialize the processes of your workflow.  For example translation workflows can be optimized by using the memory translator which keeps in its data base frequently translated technical terms to be reused on demand. This will reduce translation costs from third party translators.

Besides a direct action on setting up marketing budget, a thorough analysis of any marketing action ROI will enable the decision maker to optimize future budgets upon objective criteria and historical statistics. Decision maker, whether in headquarters or in subsidiaries, can go through concise and summary dashboards before making the right investments.

This is the role of statistical analysis tools, which can reduce translation time and cost with the Memory translator or the Dynamic chart generator.