SHARE-IT: Brand Content Management


SHARE-IT: a multi-purposes marketing production mediabank 


For a rapid international deployment, the most important thing is to be able to share all the brand content with local marketing managers in order for them to build solid local marketing strategy with respect to the communication guidelines.

In order to be efficient, sharing of the brand content need to be targeted, meaning geo localized and depending on the users needs.


That is why SHARE-IT allows the user to view in two different ways:

  1. a multi criteria navigation tree which can be customized to the user. A marketer at the headquarter with only a single brand would not look up the data the same way as a marketer with local multiple brands.
  2. A free search engine with automatic presentation of any available item (Google like).


In both cases, the result will be a wall of images corresponding to the requested.


Each visual can be used according to 4 complementary modules and very useful at the local level.



Usage 1: To have marketing information on the visual.

By clicking on the button « Details », it is possible to access to the data sheet of such a visual which contains all the characteristics of the brand or the company. Those characteristics can be easily customized.

The management of copyrights can be directly done within SHARE-IT in order toavoid any inappropriate usage.

There is a function zoom which allows to visualize all images in large format.

La fonction zoom permet de visualiser en grand format la qualité des visuels proposés.


Share-it - 1 - informations marketing


Usage 2: Download all the associated digital ressources

At a local level, the visual of a campaign is an important information. However, as it is, it is notvery helpful. In effect what is meaning ful is all the digital resources related to the visuals which are necessary to produce all the different marketing materials adapted to the different marketing channels: digital, display, print, POS, etc.

That is the reason why SHARE-IT put at your finger tips all the resources associated to the selected visual in order to be able to upload them no matter how big is the file.


Share-it - 2 - téléchergement des ressources


Usage 3: to view the dynamic chart (web & print)

SHARE-IT can display automatically a dynamic graphic chart (proprietary to Networth)

It will give a global and immediate grasp of the communication codes of the brand.


Share-it - 3 charte dynamique


Usage 4: To download and format the chart (web & print)

Needs of different formats (H x L)are diverse and often immediate.

That is why SHARE-IT gives the possibility to the user to preview and download a certain format simply by inputting the dimensions of the format. (mm ou pixels).

Share-it - 4 cadrage à la demande